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What does your piano say about you?

As social humans, we often wonder what others are thinking. Particularly, we wonder what others are thinking about US. "Do they think I'm smart?", or "I hope they know how much work I put into this!", or "Please think I'm funny!". Sometimes people wonder what their possessions say about them to other people. Since I'm a piano tech, people wonder what their piano says to me about them. Some people even get anxiety about having a tech come look at their piano! A few of those people will put off getting their piano looked at for fear of judgement! "They're going to know it's been years since I had it tuned, they'll think I don't care about the piano!" Or, "I have this fancy piano, the tech will think I'm a great pianist, but I'm not!" Here's another one, "I haven't cleaned my piano in forever and there are years of dust collecting, how embarrassing!"

So, just what does your piano say about you? The truth is, my friend, nothing! Your piano speaks volumes about itself but nothing about you!!! Too many of us identify ourselves by the things we own and a good tech will keep judgements to the piano itself and away from you.

When your tech comes, you may feel the need to let them know that the casters are rusty because the washer flooded the front end of the house, and that's fine. But truly all the technician is thinking is that they need to replace those casters. You might want to explain why it's been so long since your piano has been tuned but the tuner just wants to tune it!

So, remember. If you're feeling anxious about what your piano might say about you, try to distance yourself from that and just call the dang technician out!

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