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Being an Associate of the PTG

So, what is the PTG, you ask? Well, it's only the coolest national organization for piano technicians! The Piano Technicians Guild (yeah, how swell is it that I belong to a guild?!) organizes continuing education opportunities and examinations to ensure the best possible technicians. We have chapters, regions, a national governing body and everything!You can checkout more about us at 

What does it mean to be an associate? It means I get to "associate" myself with some of the best and brightest of the industry. Right here in the Central Oklahoma City Chapter we have an active, thriving and enthusiastic bunch of technicians. Their specialties range from piano rebuilding, to restoration, to concert tuning, and manufacturing. Each month we get together and learn from and teach each other. 

What do I gain from being an associate? First off, access to the educational benefits is amazing. The annual conventions alone provide a wealth of new information, techniques and motivation. Conventions are where I get the shot-in-the-arm I need to move forward in an industry that requires much more than most people understand. Secondly, camaraderie among like-hearted people. To be sure, I bet most people think piano techs are all the same breed of people. While it's true that commonalities run through us (we've all gravitated to the same field for a reason), I've never met a more diverse crew of interesting people. And we're all committed to the goal of better piano technology.

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